Thursday, February 5, 2015

Oh Lord....

I need to stop thinking!!

I was just filling in a blob on my profile on Etsy and I wanted to state how long I was selling on eBay. I know I started young, but this tells you!! And hell it goes to tell them social security donkeys that I have been selling on eBay since I was fifteen years old! So yeah call me a child laborer but sheeshhh they may bust me. Since 2000 and this March 18th would have been the 15th anniversary of selling on eBay but instead I get dealt with I have been suspended!! Yes folks that is also 906 positive feedback for items that sold and that is just the ones I was left feedback on!

Man eBay's rewarding schedule is horrible, I suppose I should just sell cheap Japanese junk with free shipping and massive quantities. Yep then I shall be a true American :) 

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