Thursday, February 5, 2015

I Just Discovered Something!!!

After watching the new American Rehab Detroit I was talking to my buddy about Hipsters, I was thinking that this is what this class of people are called. He then educated me by telling me no that I am a hipster and they are main-streamers. Wow how interesting I am a hipster!!

I was talking about this as I started to tell him about my hobbies. I have been into old junk, old homes, antiques and anything with a leaf since I was in diapers. I grew up watching This Old House and this is what fascinated me on older homes, and the way they restored them were spot on! My other favorite show was Victory Garden.

I was telling him, how I was into thrift stores garage sales when no one buy us poor folk would be seen in them. How my business of selling old stuff just steamed from me adding to my collection of old junk I had no idea others were interested in. Not until that show fade that includes American Pickers and Storage Hunter did I have to soon start to battle these people. Who were ever only into it for the supposed big $$$ that it brought, that also very soon started seeing that my junk was going for big money on eBay. So then I had to fight tooth and nail for the junk I loved to play with! I remember I was followed through a sale being screamed at by some idiot who kept asking me if I want to make money on a Marantz receiver I bought for 5$ I told him no, I wanted to keep it. I finally got sick of him screaming at me and turned around and said look I know how to use eBay.

I even had some guy stalk me a thrift store for records I bought, I use to buy records for as little as 10 cents each and no higher then 25 cents at thrift stores. Then they started becoming popular! And he wanted my records.

Then it become battle of the mainstreams to drive a classic Mercedes. I found my brown guy, in my grandmothers neighbors driveway. I had see it since I was a kid! The owner and his wife had both passed and his daughter inherited the home. Cash for clunkers wouldn't take it as they said it need a smog! So she told me just take it, and pay her when ever I could! Grand total was 300$. That was at the midpoint of the greasecar craze, now I see they are becoming everyday occurrences I noticed this when I pulled my brown guy up to a euro employee car! I was OMG and thought the young dude would go nuts over my such thing!!

Now that I am wanting to finally fulfill my life long dream of restoring a run down abandoned property, its now became main stream with shows like this and Rehab Addict...I was not a where of this until I joined multiple blogs that posted run down homes. I was curious why all these homes were priced well over 150k and only once in a blue moon under 55k when I person have looked in depth for a cheap property I can by with cash!! This way I own it flat out and then I just slowly do the work as funds allow. These people are getting rehab loans and all other kind of crap. No wonder I see so many partial "restored" homes listed for sale as a foreclosure! 

Its like the greasecar crazy when all the Mercedes W123's got dumped after the main-streamers poured their fried chicken grease in the tank. And yes I did adopt one of them, the silver gurl in the cars section for a grand total of 375$.

So I can now proudly call myself a hipsters and in today's lingo beware of the main-streamers!! OMG and I am only 30!! I don't want to see this world in another 10 years!! 

Oh man and some of you can relate, remember when we had "Books" and we actually had to dig for a book on anything we wished to persuade? We couldn't type it into our smart phones....and remember I was born in 1984 people!! Not 1904!! Meaning you 20 something wipper snappers will soon be writing on some odd website that no one reads, in a comfy chair WITH a furball spending way to much time cleaning that one spot!! OHHH PPPSSSS We MEN may not want to admit it but many of us 80's children now live this way!! We miss the bygone era of dial up, AOL CD s and the original ninja turtles not none of this crap they have out now!! 

Soon to be old man rant now over!! :)

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