Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Well for the last three days, I have been unable to do anything on my computer!!

First it started off with me not being able to play any video to the tv greater then 200mb. Then deciding to update all my drivers, I discovered more issues!!!

Windows update, was installing in the background. I usually don't bitch about this, as time has told me this is for the good! Well when I restarted I kept freezing. Then I noticed I have no folder icons, non of the advanced settings are working! Volume control isn't working!

The entire 3 days has been staring at this screen, trying to figure out what the hell is going on? Bad hard drive? Virus? What the hell!!!

I need my laptop to work, I need to use it for business sense not to just watch youtube videos and post on facebook! This sucks and it all steams from this!!

Now I am spending this entire day attempting to fix what Microsoft screwed up on my computer!

This is where I am researching this issue! And yes I did even get the Blue Screen of Death!!! This didn't stop at windows 98 as they want you to think. Then I read this!!

Some updates correct issues so serious that, in certain situations, remote access to your computer may be possible without your permission. These issues are classified as critical, while most others are less serious and classified as important, moderate, or low.

GEEZZZ people, really!!! I am sooo close to driving to Flagstaff and stealing a Macbook from some poor college student. Even though macs aren't wait they use to be as they just had to go intel. At least they work!! Their operating system rarely at all crash AND their OS is CHEAP!!!! Maybe I wouldn't be using an unlicensed version of windows if the software didn't cost close to 700$!! What they hell!!