Saturday, February 14, 2015

Gypsy Retreat!!

Well remember I said, all well laid plans start in the basement? Well here is my proof!!

Before this, when I was first starting out my first place was a converted garage and that finally turned into an actually home. You can't rush the universe, you simply need to get comfy and wait. Since both me and my partner don't want to stay in Arizona much longer we opted to turn the basement of my mothers duplex into a studio apartment. Only walls....well I know there is a Gypsy deep down inside me and I have been gathering all these carpets and rugs!

We are really hoping on the church property in Missouri and so we are just sitting tight here. Currently my partner is the only one with an income and I am waiting for the result of the hearing with social security. Either way that goes, I can't soak and think about spending the rest of my life in my mothers house and in Arizona. I did this once before when I was forced to live with my grandmother, as soon as I had a job and car I started my life!

With our Gypsy carpet room/basement/tent but I like Retreat! Also comes with me being able to restart my junk business on Etsy. With pretty much everything we own being in the basement and with everything in a short stroll it will make my hobby or fixing up my treasures and then listing them for sale so much easier! Plus I don't need my mother with me at age 30 checking my underwear for stains. Not to get to deep, but this is the first time I have lived with my mother since I was barely in my teens. So I made myself a life, and I am an adult so having a place that we can have our life is priority number one! As well its Valentines day and it will soon be out one year anniversary.

So the construction of our retreat was first piling up all my treasures, trash and furniture that no longer have homes, in mounds to get the walls hung! And yes that is very nice expensive shag I found by a dumpster!! The first piece I hung myself, and well that was not easy!! Then I had help today. So all the walls are up, now its time for arranging. Then moving our room down two floor...UGHGHGHGHG...

Here is a photo pre construction.

Here is the first wall!

Here is all the walls up!

And our soon to be living and working area

So my next ordeal is to take the trash bags down to the basement and start sorting! I have a ton of stuff I just want to get rid of and I want to donate all my old eBay inventory too. More photos with better camera later on! Right now I am being attached by something black and white! :P Plus this damn PC keeps lagging, over heating ect...its maybe 2 years old and I have installed 6 gigs of ram!! These things are never happy.

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