Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cameo turned kitty!!!

First I will say this! I apologize to all the buyers of items from me on ebay for being late on shipping items out. I will be working on this tomorrow!

So here is the story well a summary, this story is in need of hard back printing and boy I do wish a writer would join on board with me. Would I love to have a series ran on the events of my life, the deals with society and being bless by the universe.

So we went to Pet Smart in Flagstaff on the trip after the horrible horrible HORRIBLE treatment I received from the judge during my hearing. My attorney told me to just go relax and get my mind off this, it is all pretty much OK. I am so blessed to have him, finally and I mean finally someone fighting for me!! And not attempting to be deemed the bad man whom killed his boyfriend in a bath salt infused night…ugh…well I am NOT getting into yesterday’s event on here nor about any that was involved around that horrible night two years ago. 

Now I am focused on the future, the hearing is over any outcome cannot be any worse than where I am now.  We have made a plan to move to say Winslow Arizona within the next month regardless of the discussion. I NEED a better Rheumatologist, and some place to see psychologist more than once a year. Plus our good friend Jack is in Phoenix in the hospital and soon hopefully will be released. I cannot hold down a full time job, regardless of the PTSD, The PSA (psoriatic arthritis) has affected so much of my bone structure that any lingering task is impossible and I do admit something I do a ton of physical work but trust me the mental thoughts that go into building up that energy plus I am numb with medication. The next at minimum three days I am gone to the world; just me, the recliner and this site. Hard to hear from a 30 year old, huh?

So in Pet Smart, my plan was to look for small crabs for the fountain we have, well as I am doing that my buddy runs to the adoption center. I know KNOW so well to stay away from that section but he wants to go say Hi. Then I get drug over and there was one last kitten 14 weeks left there black with white spots and covered in dry skin(dandruff) I said I wish wish I could do it but I don’t have the 95$ for the fee. We just can’t we have to wait. 
Well on the way from Flagstaff back to Page, me being totally emotional wreck. So stressed by what went on in the hearing, I literally was dizzy and couldn’t feel my feet. I “think” this is one of the lingering effects of that damn drug I was put on. When my phone went chhh chinnnggg I was hmm must have gotten an offer on a purse. He looks and said no looks like the cameo sold for 99.99$ I was huh…ohhhh that’s right that ended today.

So then it was time to think on the drive home after a sunset as to why the universe found a buyer for that cameo and for my PROOF there is a post below of how much I loved it and how I didn’t feel right wearing it as society has their “ideas” then it was OMG that damn kitten….that is it!!!
So he was going to be a big surprise for my buddy, but his work schedule got all messed up and I couldn’t surprise him that way. So I had to think of something else, and yes my buddy will state that I was speaking in tongue because of how worn out I was mentally and physically. So I slept on it, knowing that I secretly called pet smart early and told them I want that kitten!! Then it came to me, get up really early and just wake him up. Don’t tell him anything, I told him come on we have to go somewhere, he was is it your mom? I said no just come on. So he literally threw on his pajamas and jumped in the car….yes he is 21 and that is something we don’t see much in grown men lol So I took him to the atm, never telling him why, gave him the money and started driving. He then figured it out but still was paranoid the kitty wouldn’t be there, or we couldn’t get him. But I kept it a secret that I had called Pet Smart earlier in the day and arranged everything!!!!

So now we have a Mr. Socks! And here is the kicker he was born on the two year anniversary of my late partner. He has become my son, it’s amazing!! He wears a harness and has a leash, his cross and skull name tag and he LOVES to ride in the car!! And go into stores!!! Did I mention we just got him at 9am?? I am literally shaking here people, the universe; she is extremely powerful! As long as you have faith and love the rewards of will lead you into so many riches!!

I have a TOOOONNNN to post but this is todays and I am telling the universe after this….I am on strike!!! J

PPS you try taking a good photo of this quite the challenge!

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