Sunday, February 22, 2015

Alternator Phase II Cleaning.

Ok, it was cleaning time yesterday! I dread this! Gunk cleaner works great and I even use it when I rebuild crank phonograph motors. I have rebuilt so far a few Victrolas, Talking Machine, Cheney Phonograph sued by Victor and a Brunswick. Well back to the point, this stuff has some caustic aromas' and I have had more then one share of a sore throat from it. Such as this morning. I suggest anyone who uses it, discard all rags used with it, remove all clothes after use with it, wash all parts with warm water after use and then take a warm soapy shower. It is that bad! I changed my shirt but not my jeans and left them at the head of the bed last night....boy did I pay!! I have a HEPA filter(another dumpster save) that I use in my work area to clean up any remaining fumes. Speaking of working areas, I cleaned mine in order to get this job done!! And I had to work on my hons chair.

As was said before I could even start this disassembly I had to clean the work area and work on the Hons Chair(Another dumpster save) I will do a separate post on that. Disassembly was pretty straight forward but I will give some advice with PHOTOS!!! :)

First remember to always oil your nuts and well screws too for the ladies :) It will help to penetrate, loosen gunk, and then seep in when you break them free. I always tap the areas and/or the top of the screw driver to loosen up the bond before I try to break them free. If you take your time and use the correct screw drivers, you can take out/off the nuts/bolts/screws with out any damage.

Now you have to remove that half moon key on the shaft, always tricky. I use oil again, some tapping, some tugging and then it frees up. Don't LOSE it and DON'T let your cat eat it. You'll be sorry :P

Time to crack open the egg! First note, mark the alternator before you crack it open! I just crudely marked it with a regular screw driver.

 Word of advice, and a stupid move on me. I have no idea why I did it. But don't tap the rotor out without first screwing the nut on! Or you'll ended up spending an hour reshaping the threads. You can see while everything is filthy there is only a little rust on the bare steel parts. More then likely from all the gunk causing moister to stay in the alternator and not get blown out.

Now we see why there was a little bearing noise, the grease looks like molasses and is hard like Jello. Both bearings are good, but just dry and high quality bearings. I don't know why people replace them with the 8$ ones from eHell.

All apart and in the bucket for cleaning!! Now I first say...SHAME on all you who don't have a wealth of random buckets, towels and reusable shopping bags!! If I attempted to put these in anything but a bucket....3/4's of the parts would have magically disappeared...
All cleaned!! Took a LONGGGGGGG time. First was scudding with a plastic scrub brush with gunk, let sit in a bucket covered with gunk, another scrub, hot water rinse, cleaned/wiped with towel, steel brush all parts, spray with simply green and scrub with steel wool! AND I was able to save all patina and original sticker!

Next will be repair and reassemble.

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