Thursday, January 15, 2015


There goes my proof reading I was suppose to come back too.

I will just start off with that I can't feel my feet and I think I locked up an ankle. I don't know why I do what I do or why I do what I do. I got home from the doctors office and was oh boy I am taking me a nap now. So I got my medication in me, pain pill, enbrel time. So then I was I am going to take the trash out. Let me just stop and say my plans were a nap, then eBay item time! 

But as I took the trash out, I seen an old recliner that I needed to recycle. It was nice out so I opted to take that thing apart and get it out of here. So then I was done with and I decided I was going to just rake up back here and tidy up. Well raking reveled very nice decomposed leaves from this fall. So out to the little rose garden I made. There are a few rose bushes out front, that were here when we moved in and very very very neglected. It has been almost a year here and these guys have been pampered by me since we moved in. Since my futures are in Missouri, I cannot bare to leave these here but they were here when we moved in. So that nice new stuff I raked up in the back, was going to go on top of the nice compost I put on last year. My plans are to give them the best blanket of nutrition gold to hopefully let them live until some other tenet gives them love.

So my  mini mini rose garden is all cleaned up, settled up for the rest of winter and possible my departure in spring. So I finished my tiding up I was doing in the rear yard. When I went to the sliding glass door stoop area. I look up and seen this huge gap between the aluminum sliding glass door frame and the brick of the out side wall. What the ???

So lets get this off my back first, this is a temp temp housing situation. We are in a rental, with drunk psycho landlords, I do NOT want to do any maintenance to this cheap place. But we are living inside, and the temperature in this place is horrible. Because of this gap, this is why the down stairs never stays warm nor cold. Almost an inch gap between the frame of the door and the brick, some amazingly talented carpenter thought they could fill this gap with mortar. Mortar does not stick to metal, what were they thinking. So I grabbed a butcher knife and chip out what little mortar was left. I then remembered I have spray foam downstairs! So I ran down, found it, battled with the clogged straw and started to go chasing down gaps/cracks and filling. So now the house has been cheaply sealed to last a few years.

Alright back to tiding up the rear yard. All done raking, rearrange and picking up trash. Time to jump down to the recesses that leads to a basement window. Okay lets clean out more trash and leaves. I forgot to mention our rear yard is wind catcher, we get stuff from all over town! After all the trash was removed I then remembered that half the basement window was covered with dirt. This was due to previous tenants who had dogs whom liked to dig. So It was time to shovel.

So this leads to me re-digging out the recesses, re-leaving that area and the rear yard! Now we are all done, final touch clean, clean, clean! So I washed all the windows, which I am sure haven't been cleaned in say 15 years. 

Oh my goodness, the yard looks amazing!! 

The way I look at it s that I made a horrible nasty neglect space into something very clean and positive. The area is also set up for planting if we are here this spring. The home is sealed, it will help on the bills, the indoor plants will love a move even temp with less drafts! 

Oh and the rose garden my big positive influence! I will miss the roses, but I have given them a chance at a longer life that they would have never have seen and I am rewarded with beautiful blooms why I tend to them! Oh I forgot to mentioned I also lost the stone from the only ring I had left from California. But you know I wasn't upset. I found three other rings in my box that I totally forgot I found. I cleaned them up and I am wearing all three!

Lets not forget I also discovered a huge tent in my rear yard. Months ago, I had found two camping tarp type bags in the alley behind a local thrift. I pulled one out and it was trash. It was all ate up from sun. So I just left the other sit, as I thought it was in the same condition. Well to my surprise it is in nice condition. Now I need to find the instructions to see if I have all the pieces. 

So to summarize, I am extremely sore. My hands cracked and bleeding, sore as can be, my ankles a throbbing but I am happy! I enjoyed what I did, I left positive effects and I am just very blessed that with this disease(psoriatic arthritis) that I am still able to spend a few hours doing what I love!

It got dark and I wasn't able to take photos of my work but here are a few photos. One of local roses that I gathered, and another of one from my mini rose garden.

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