Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thoughts on New Years Day...

Well lets see, my thoughts....So many things following, I feel the longer I just sit(thanks winter) the more my brain takes over. 

So I am thinking, oh my more snow! This is so unusual here but then I think on the opposite hand, what does mother earth have in store? She does nothing unless there is a reason, I know she is suffering a lot of stress. She is getting grump and thus our weather conditions. So I see that this is happening, for the reason to eliminate non native species and to also allow for an amazing spring time show! For death there is birth. 

So then there is still that church and parsonage in Missouri still. So on that single thought, I am still going nuts looking for original church interior photos and less not forgot about restoration. Yesterdays research went into re glazing windows. Man looks like a lot of labor but boy what a gorgeous result. It will be great to do this, but boy I will love to have an assemble line of volunteers to speed up the process. 

Here is a church, that is an example of the one I have scratching a hole in my head. It is also for sale!

Here is a site for window re glazing a how to and great source of videos!

So after that we have reel to reel tapes! Boy do I love these guys, and they don't sound bad on my cheap Technics system I created. One day I will get my tube system back up with some classic American hi fi speakers of the 50's oh I miss them! Here is a photo of a small collection I picked up at my local thrift. I believe I will have these put into my tomb that will be built for me :)


Then we have, I am just sick of selling on eBay rant. I just remember when one could make money on eBay now it is just a horrible place to sell. They have really just took the middle man role way to far and are now trying to be the god of online selling. It sucks I sold a coffee grinder that I have been attempting to purchase for some time now. I paid 24$ for it, I then spent two days cleaning it to the point that I could sell it. It then sold for 112.50$ the fee on eBay for the sale was 11.25$ I then charged 45.95$ for shipping that had a fee of 4.60$ Then we had the PayPal fee of 4.90$. So then it was time to pack and ship. I had to use two heavy duty home depot moving boxes at a cost of 3$ each plus some bubble wrap and tape. Post office time, so I accidentally charged to little. Shipping was 77.90$...great...Anyone care to figure out my profit? Well ready for it... 27.80$ I can't wait to get my own property and be able to make money off that. I can no longer do the eBay thing, there is nothing in it anymore for me. Here is a snap shot of one my eBay invoice fee thingie..

Another thought, I really want to do more baking. I miss all my pots, pans and other vintage kitchen gadgets I use to use. Here I have some Pyrex, an old sunbeam mixer and a few other things but our kitchen is so small, our prep space is no more then 2x4ft. It makes doing any cooking a huge chore.

Oh then there is the I need to take down the Christmas tree thought. I managed to bring the boxes up for the ornaments as I was in the process of the great basement cleanup of 2014.

Final thought, I also need to work on this more, make a doctors appointment and well eat! :)

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