Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The SUN!!

Well today is the first day we are having a blue sky and sunshine day. Now to just get off the chair and start doing some stuff! :)

But I had to take the time to get this written up really fast. During the glommy days of ol I finally got that 10ft florescent fixture finished and I am quite proud. Lets see the steps...

Figure the original finish was long gone and any id'ing faded away with history but lo and behold I surprise even myself! Due to frozen water hoses, I resulted to cleaning the fixture in the bathtub. Scrubbing down, slowly reviled a enamel finish. Shocking! and a label for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

 So then came time to reassemble, adding a pull down switch, new grounded cord and some new hardware. 

Now it is time for testing. Fingers crossed! I need a variac! I don't enjoy hiding around the corner, praying there isn't a short while I hit the switch on the surge protector!! After some cleaning of the sockets we have life!

Now to get it hung in the basement, woo hooo my work area(no complaints about the mess!) is finally lite! 


More misc photos because we all love photos!!

Some Inside Garden photos.

Some friends on the work bench, spirit animal? Who knows, I let them chill, the keep the nats and other stuff down. Black widows can take down a coach roach, guess what takes down a black widow? A Daddy Longleg Spider. I have in interesting eco system going here people...understand :)


So more over today, and final thoughts

I do wish I could have saved all the fixures.
Man it's noisey out with the window open.
Ohh got a message from the realtor about making an offer!
People think I am nuts, talking about balck widows living besides me.
Must fix headlight, the migiver way, bakery plastic contianer..check...silcone...check...gloves...lets go..

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