Saturday, January 10, 2015

So Happy!!

I see I have been recommended on Google by two people! I really appreciate it! I know my blog/site is still young but I wasn't expecting so many views so soon and two likes! I am happy to know that others enjoy so of my many strange and crazy hobbies plus the adventures!!

The lamp is coming along great! Here is a sneak peak of the it lite, you'll enjoy the post I am working on about it! I am also happy myself, that some of the other odd finds I found I  was able to use on it.

Oh and here are some random me playing with my macro camera mode. Light still sucks here, it is raining now...go says sun Wednesday if this magical event happens you may see me running down the street naked. Though it may be as I told my friend, we are living in a snow globe. Moister comes down, then goes back and repeats lol I do wish I had a rain collection system installed, some great water coming down.

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