Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Selling my Cameo :(

Well I am reluctantly selling my latest fine that I am really attached to. An Victorian Cameo, more then likely over 100 years old! You can just feel the age and energy! Being a man it is a bit hard to wear, but I did sport it twice :) Though now I am afraid I may drop it and something that has lasted over hundred years may be gone in just a moment. So I am putting it up for sale, I put a starting price of 100$ on it as I feel that I would be happy to let it go for that, if others deem it not worth of what others I have seen go for. Time will tell, plus it will pay the eBay fees I oh, ugh I hate eBay :p Here are photos. It is marked 10k L.P.C, all I could come across is a mention of Lady Portrait Cameo? It is also large, and of course on a cheap chain but a nice leather case is included....oh if it could just talk! Link in my eBay tab above ^^^

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