Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ramble Time....

Lets see I have so much going through my mind, so much I want to write about but as my buddy says.....JUST SIT DOWN!!

If you've seen my last two post, you have an idea of what I have been struggling with for the last 2 months. Today oh today! My brain and body are feeling a bit better but no marathons, hauling or rebuilding the engine in the future. Still very stiff and sore, only time will tell if this will clear up and was/is results of the medication below or if they are effects of my PSA. That antidepressant has screwed up my mind so much, I have a hard time figuring out what is what on my body :)

Well today, ended up interesting. Give it to the universe, the first day I am not spinning in circles; to want me to go do some pay it back lol. So I went to take my buddy to work and have a dead battery, this is irritating as the battery is from November 2013. I clearly clearly remember that January. My silver gurl decided she wanted some major parts, so I ended up replace the starter, the cables, the glow plugs, oil, valve adjustment, some blood, some hair pulling out and I am sure a firm kick.

 I was UGH I hate these cheap o'reilly super start batteries. I automatically condoned the battery as my battery light had done nothing odd to indicate charging troubles. I sort of know deep down the alternator is as old as the car, but it was still as good as day one. After I called for a jump, I ran and got the volt meter, I checked and the battery was at 11.3v. So after the jump she popped right off, vom again and reading 13.1v a little low for charging but I took that up to the bad battery.

So off to the auto parts store to work on getting a warranty replacement, yes the battery was already a warranty replacement from the 2012 and yes I had a lovely experience with that return also. Turned out they no longer carried that battery and the replacement was say 70$ more they refused to give me the replacement with out paying the difference. After I pulled out the soap box, 15 minutes of screaming and creating a scene I finally got  a battery. I went into the store and all was going fine, I was amazed this time I didn't have to have the battery tested first. Then when it came time to give me the replacement the store manager was called over. He looks at it and says, this is the third one? I attempted to explain to the ass that I own two of these cars and yes I bought one in 2011 and another 2012 I even had receipts to prove it. 

I have to add a little freedom of speech and just mention some of my feelings of this town. Me and soon I found out other too feel that Navajo's are running this town. The feeling is that they get everything they want. Anyone whom is pigmented white is automatically crucified by them. They don't think that many of our ancestors including mine, never came from these parts or had anything to do with that time in history. Actually the native people to this region, the Hopi have a lot of the same feelings we do towards Navajo's.

Back to the battery story, he begins to tell me that my car is destroying the batteries, that it is my fault. He never ever ever ever opted to bring a VOM out to test my charging system. I have even stated I had one in the car. He also never asked to have me bring the battery in for a charge and test as the did with the previous one.. He stood by his words and repeated that it was my fault that either there is a short or to many accessories running. Since the battery is a warrant replacement, he stated he cannot replace it again regardless if the battery is only a year old. He wouldn't even show me proof on the warranty that stated this was the case. I asked about the other manager he stated that she is an assistant manager and cannot help me. I was thining in my head, well at least she know what she is talking about! 

Anyways I put my soap box back and prepared to leave but I had to say just one more thing. I said if I was Navajo, you would have went in the back and got me a replacement with no questions asked! I've had dealings for years with o'reilly and all the other big box guys as I lived in California. I have never ever been treated like this, I handed him my stack of o'reilly receipts and I told him I will never come back here again. He shrugged and said what ever. WOW Great costumer service from the manager and remember customers are always right well unless your not Navajo. 

My thoughts are that they are people just like you and I, and I would like the same respect. They need to understand that they cannot judge me for what someone of my color did to their ancestor. Trust me if I had any racist bones in my body, I would not be consider restoring one of the first African American Churches. I am also sooooo proud that I may soon be the caretaker of that property, if all goes accordingly. Thought he did tell me I can get a replacement, but it would only cost me 109$. Oh damn and I am all out of good coins but I did offer to draw a few zero's on the ones I had in my pocket :)

After all that I came back home and Manged to get enough charge in the battery to get the good ol brown guy going. He popped right off and I grabbed my VOM, I know the charging system is practically new in him. I also installed a digital vom on the dash to keep track of my voltage. Now I'm all hook up and get the 12.6v reading while charging. I decided to go take him on a freeway drive to attempt to up the voltage. I finally got the voltage while charging to 14.1 and the battery reading at 12.6v. I am still concerned that tomorrow the battery will be dead again but I am holding out hope that maybe the almost 1 volt of charging difference between the cars may be the issue with the battery. Though it would have been nice if the ass could have done his job and checked the battery.

I have one more fun story from all this, I drove the car to the freeway to get the battery charging. As I started down the freeway, I see pulled off to the right on a dirt road a SUV. It was pulled off on the road, right next to the freeway so it was a bit hard to not look. I then see a huge navajo guy on the passenger side, with the door open. He was standing there with his hands on his side, it seemed kind of odd. I then noticed his sweet pants pulled down then I see it. OMG its all just hanging out and he is just letting it spray where it may. I have to admit, I have seen my share of little boys doing the same thing on the side of the freeway during a long trip. But never have I seen a grown man doing this, when I see men on the side of the road relieving themselves and we all do. They are clearly behind a bush or the car. Little kids we can look, smile and giggle; then chuck it up as adorable. A grown man doing this is just incredible wrong on so many levels and I care to never see this again.

Well that has been the biggest adventure today. There are some pluses though, I did manage to count the tent poles and they are all there!! Can't wait for sunny day to assemble, clean and photo it for everyone! 

I also out of the blue decided to Google more about St Luke's(see urban farm). I am going to see if I can find an affordable place to get a title search done and I also contacted the assessors office. I am getting closer to that date, when I find out if I will be able to adopt this project. So I want to get as much information as I can, I hate to relocate to the property, get the tent set up just to be told the property is red tagged or cannot be zoned residential. My feelings are that since it is a small farm community, someways from a metropolitan city that all of this legal crud will not be needed. But I have known way to many people who have struggle with the red tape when trying to restore a home in California. I still hope and pray this will work out and I do hope y'all send me positive energy!

I do keep finding paint scrappers for 2$, the LARGE ones and also finding really expensive miss tinted paint in gorgeous colors for 7$ a gal. I really really wish the universe would not make me wait for the court date. I told my buddy whom is coming along that I want you to be prepared. If I get awarded I may very very well pass out, scream loudly or strip off my clothes and run down the courthouse naked screaming I am approved; though I may very likely trip and break something. If I am not, I will probably just slowly melt in the chair, and he will have to grab a wheel barrow. Though of course I have to drive now, as the silver gurl is down and the brown guy is a stick! Damn my possessions with personalities!!

Oh something else I must must mention. First remember this! Never ever ever ever live, move too, think of, or anything else to that degree of moving to Page, Arizona. First I must mention, there is nothing here for children or young adults, our community pool is closed, no teen center, no where to hang aka coffee shop, parks are full of drunks. This place only caters to Navajo's and Tourist!

So now that you have this, we start with my buddy getting off work and us going to bug our friend at the thrift store. We go in and first thing I notice was a young boy say 9 running around the store and helping. I assumed he was part of her family or something like that so I gave it no thought. She then mention how her community service workers are getting younger and younger. I assumed she was joking, as we started talking I seen she wasn't and my jaw dropped!! 

It turns out the young boy whom just recently moved her with his family was at school, him and a friend were tossing rocks as boys do and there isn't any shortages here. Well he tossed one at his friend, it hit his face and he got his first battle scar..stitches!! What boy doesn't love stitches and scare to show off to friends. Well this happened on school property.

The crossing guard, called the police. They automatically responded and took the boy away. Never calling his parents and told they what accord. The school, not the parents of the other child whom knows the boys family is pressing charges against the boy. The court has ordered him to do 15 hours of community service for tossing a rock!!!!!

This poor boy 9 years old, no idea of what is happening and is also a tad autistic is now confused, and upset about what is happening. I literally wanted to go and scream at someone. You could tell he was crying pretty bad at one point, and so our friend being the kind person she is. Has him cleaning windows and other fun things that kid would like and nothing labor intensive.

I tend to get this way, as I may be a man but I have that mothering side, I just would like to be part of these kids life that could use the support of a bigger brother. Children in my mind are very intelligent and should be treated as adults. They are our future, if we don't take the time to talk with them and teach them we end up with a future like this. It makes me cry inside when I see some many young boys, grow into young men and end up in trouble with law. It only takes one person to change the life of a child, and I just wish society would allow more big brother figures and get their minds out of the gutter. People there are no sexual motivations with a man wanting to be a big brother to a younger man. 

I am really hoping my dream of this farm comes true, I can't wait to invite local schools and the 4-H clubs to come over and help on the property. I can teach them a lot, they can learn a lot and they can also have a role model/big bother that they can look up too.

I remember doing a landscaping job in San Francisco, the couple whom we were doing the work for had two small kids a boy and a girl. The boy wanted to get dirty, so I had him out there leveling out the dirt and getting it ready for sod. He was doing the typical job that you would expect for a kid but I was always giving him reinsurance and showing him how to do it. Later I would sneak over and fix the mistakes. Oh and that little girl, she was so adorable. She was just carrying on this amazing in depth conversation with me, I had no idea what she was saying but some how I was able to carry on the conversation with her.

These are things I really miss!! I love being a bigger brother, children really need a role model in life. It is so hard out there in the real world, and most parents don't have the time for them or they are in a broken home. With that property, I will have so much space I can help out so many people of varying ages, the basement of the church could hold many many beds. The grounds will be the teaching tool to teach these skills to them and to also help with stress and depression that would come along with helping out troubled youth.

Only the future will tell, what may happen but I always like to keep the ideas flowing out into the universe and see what she brings me!

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