Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Phoenix, AZ Trip...

Well we went back down to Phoenix today to visit our friend who is in the hospital, he originated at the hospital here in town and has gotten further and further away....It is quite the journey down to Phoenix, its so stressful! I grew up in the bay area, learned to drive there and have driven commercial vehicles there. Boy I must tell you phoenix traffic is some scary $*$%@. When I had to get my Arizona drivers license after moving here, I think I figured out why. Your license won''t expire until your over 65. 

My buddy is in the works of getting his license, but they seem more concerned on how to parallel park then how you can drive in traffic. Let me just say, we are in the desert google earth Page Arizona. You find a spot where I will need to parallel park. Here I am noticing the lanes on the road mean nothing, you're are free to drive in as many lanes as you fill fit, during carpool hours the speed limit of the car in front of you is that of the stopped cars in the slow lane and finally the fast and slow lanes don't apply here. On this one journey, I seen many people on phones, one guy driving with his dog on his lap, 5th wheel rvs/tow truck/simi's in the carpool lane. I also see more accidents in one trip then I would see in a month of Hwy 80 driving. I am telling you if I could find a dirt road through the desert to travel my life would be so stress free.

So we get into phoenix and see all these orange groves, trees after trees after trees. We pulled over assuming we could just fill our trunk up, I seen us having fresh orange juice everyday! To be greeted with numerous no trespassing signs, but yet there were for sale signs all over the place. The trees were so neglected, just horrible neglected. The more we drove the more orange trees we saw, I was just so jaw dropped to see all this fruit just going to waste. It really really saddens me, in fear of being sent to some sort of governmental terrorist prison for picking the fruit, we decided to leave. There were multiple gated communities by them, I just could see them turning their heads wonder what we were doing. I so just wanted to drive in, fill the car and grab my shovel and save some trees.

As our journey of orange trees continued we found a fruit stop...hmmm... It was called B&B Farms I was hoping I could pay a few dollars and grab some boxes of rejected oranges. We went in and it was very nice, I loved the smell. Lots of nice fruit, and tree starts. I seen the boxes of oranges and just couldn't do the price at the moment, it wasn't bad for the gorgeous fruit that you got but for me a corky oblong orange tastes just as good. We talked to the a worker there for awhile, it was very nice. They had confirmed my suspension that 75% of the groves have been leaved for McMansions.

We were talking about all the trees that have been clean cut to build these housing developments. It was sad to see all these trees clear cut for homes and then what trees got left are simply just forgotten. It was interesting to think about all the fruit going to waste and all the producing trees cut and then we import our fruit from Mexico. It is sad that America The Beautiful has lost almost all of its farming to over seas growers. If I have time on a return trip, I sure will ask about doing some hard labor for my oranges :)

I always get sadden when I see this stuff, but on a good note I have started the BYOP business. Its a bring your own your :) You know me I cannot help but buy plants along the way and since the driving is to much for one day plus wanting to have fun. I always bring them into the motel. Speaking of motels, we are in the L motel in Flagstaff. Boy do I love this place.

Most customers with think this place it horrible and ran down because of old fixtures and cracked tiles. Well I hate to tell folks but this place is probably approaching 80 years old! I am in love with this place, huge flat screen, old wall heater with a thermostat, an old timey tub that yes an over 6 footer can enjoy and OMG the hot water. The last place we stayed at, didn't have hot water nor a heater. I think I stayed in the tub an hour hints late post :) Oh and you must must say hi to the huge ol blue spruce in this place, it is magnificent. I hope it stays another 50 years!

More photos of the journey

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