Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Listings!

Late last night, I got all the miscellaneous things I have found listed, below are some photos of some of my fav's.

Eel Bag

Victorian style shoes
carpet bag
papermache Clown

Kathy Van Zeeland

 I am still sick, but took my enbrel yesterday. Not really the right thing to do having a cold but I was starting to swell and sick of taking so many pain pills. So today I feel better, less sore, hair stopped failing out(yes there is a lot unknown about psoriatic arthritis, doctors tend to watch the golf commercial and believe that). So today my tongue is swallow, so sick of being sick! A lot of people here say, that the coal burning power plant is what is making so many people sick that and the now toxic lake powell. Lord I thought this would be a nice slice of small town America, not Springfield from the Simpsons! Oh and I heard the coal plant won't be going to natural gas for another 30 years, even though it is falling apart. Something to do with the Navajo's I am sure, only people whom are allowed to work there and wages under 80$ an hour don't exist. No wonder our electric bill is 150$++ a month on a 3bd duplex with central air/heat/all electric my 2 bedroom HOUSE in California only seen bills up to 150$ and that was a combo of gas/electric. Besides that when did Navajo's became Native Americans? Sheesh they are grosser then Americans, and I never thought I would see that! Let alone the way they treat this place, went to Lone Rock yesterday...all down the lake was cans, bottles, shirts, clothing, plastic crap....its like that everywhere here. I feel like I am the Native American Shedding the tear on the hillside. I do have a right to talk like this, because my partner is polish and native American :) even though my friends consider me the evil ginger :)

Simpson Native-----Me

I need to list some higher end items on eBay. My fees of 89$ will soon be do, ugh I just can't afford to list on eBay anymore. I have just been on there for so long and have such nice feedback that I just don't want to leave but I fear I will be going to etsy or someplace less expensive and less gung ho and making me a commercial business even though I just sell second hand junk. And isn't it double jeopardy to charge tax on the same item over and over and over again? I swear we need an upraise of the government. I use to have the declaration of independence on 78rpm record. I would play this on my Victor Talking Machine for friends, in the declaration of independence it states that we the people have the right to over throw our government if we the people decide they are taking way way to much advantage of the position we put them in....Boy do I wish the drones of the word would learn America's history and the rights we have if we can manage to stand together! And I am not saying start a facebook page..

Okay enough of my rambling and stuff. I better get coffee before I start yelling at kids out my window :)

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