Friday, January 9, 2015

More cool stuff!!

Well first off let me tell you, I blame the poor quality photos on my new camera. Well technically I can’t as we have been covered with fog for probably a week. It has been so long since I’ve seen the sun I’ve forgotten what it feels like! 

 So my new camera is really a 5 years old(this month) the camera model DSC-W310. I have wanted a camera better than my phone’s camera, as with my phone I never quite know what the pictures will look like till they are on the computer. But this one I know it will give me good photos the first time, well un fuzzy photos. I was shocked to find the camera, SD card and charger all together at the Goodwill Outlet store. I just couldn’t believe my luck. It was only 10$, I was soooo happy to finally find a good camera. I miss my Leica that I had, and can’t afford a new one. This one is just perfect till I can afford my dream camera again.

 So because of the “light” issue we are now having from the fog, I decided to grab a 10ft fluorescent lamp to hang in the basement to provide me with tons of light for photos and working on items. The local thrift was upgrading from 10ft fixtures to ceiling fans, which I don’t see it as an upgrade at all but... So I just had to save one. Filthy!! I also grabbed an extra set of bulbs and ballast. I am working on restoring it. I will be posting a topic on that. That I think others will enjoy. I do want to save more and restore them but how in the world would I ship them? 

So it has been a great past week for finds, so I think. Nothing I can retire on but some cool stuff! Over the weekend in flag I got all this stuff. Antique baby prints, Fostoria American cake platter, spode plate, Disney cell, Mitchell ac book, etc. I also found a lot of woman’s purses and handbags including another coach bag!

 Then yesterday I went to a local thrift in town and found these neat things. The GE clock seen above, Feldman Co. of Los Angeles teak or walnut bent wood chandelier and these two movie poster(?) cases. Interesting with the chandelier, I have no idea how it didn’t get broke that is just shocking! It is either walnut of teak I will figure that out after a clean and wax. It is done in a Danish modern mid century style. What I can locate on the freedmen is that it was in business from 1940’s to the 1970’s they made custom light fixtures. I do wish I could find more about the company or even a period catalog this is a wild piece and it is large! The Movie poster cases are made by allstate. 

I will post more info as I do research and keep an eye on my items for things I will be listing. I will also post here when I do. Enjoy more photos!

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