Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mark Downs Mark Downs!!

Just have to let everyone know, I have marked down my eBay items from 25-50% off!!!

I am back from our phoenix trip and the iffy feeling I was going to catch something came true. Now my brain feels like it is on the spin cycle of the washing machine! I managed to get my sold items sent off today, go to the cancer thrift and have a chat. While I went back to the post office to pick up a package my buddy got, I looked down and seen I had two different shoes on!!! I was OMG how long have I been wearing these, I thank all the higher powers they were both black! Then when I was talking to my friend she said that I was going cross eyed. So this told me it was time to come home, sleep, rehydrate in a hot bath and eat the oranges I got in Phoenix. I am feeling a bit better, but don't count on any physical actives to resume to next week:)

I am going to be keeping my activities to the recliner these next few days but the good thing is I have a bunch of interesting things on my mind I want write things about. Like how I spent all my money during our trip, the over 60 Garden books I found! The Betta rescue and more!!

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