Friday, January 23, 2015

First Find!!

Well here is one set of finds, that I couldn't figure who made. Very odd china, I seen there was a mark under the Superior mark but couldn't make it out. I was thinking that they must have been blanks and were sent to china or somewhere to be gilded. Searching eBay brings up very few results which tells me they are either cheap mass produced over seas junk or something with a little more interesting history. So I did more searching, finally I found a completed listing on some site that referenced this name to Syracuse China. Wooo hooo a lead, so google'ing this lead to so much information about the company!

I was then able to focus my eyes onto the label and seen the Syracuse name, I then found a site with date stamps. So I looked over them all for one I can make out, I found an 1-I mark this tells me that this blank was made in 1928!

So just a bit of reading I did, I read that the company made hotel and restaurant ware, fine china and everything in between. I was wow the Tupperware of the Victorian era!

This then told me why the gilding was a bit messy here n there, why Bavaria is miss spelt. It also tells me that these were meant for either lower class customers or for a fancy hotel wanting fancier ware then they were able to afford. I have 6 plates, now I am wanting the entire set! I find this pattern and style very gorgeous, history very colorful and amazing quality for cheaper ware. eBay yields very little for sale, so I saved the search. Other auction houses had similar plates that sold for the low three figures, if that is market value I may not be able to afford to add to the set.

It is sad to read the loss of another huge American manufacturer for over 130 years to overseas manufacturing. Here are some links for more info, I may try to decipher the date stamps more as some plates look to have a date pre 1900 that would be amazing! I suppose their history will remain a mystery unless some odd thing happens and I stumble upon a photo or a catalog/restaurant with this style dinnerware. 

I can also dream of them coming from a huge luxury liner like the Titanic but I can only dream that. Though I will tell you now, that they are not worthy of my dining room table if they show up from such a famous place. Lets hope that I can add two zeros onto the original asking price of 9.99$ each :) Of course I found them at the goodwill outlet in a bin covered with crappy glassware for like 60 cents a pound. After reading about how durable they are, a high selling point of the time. I can see why they survived and appeared like cheap overseas china.

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