Sunday, January 18, 2015

Clearence Fountain Turns Fish Rescue

Well my odd life dealt me a gorgeous fountain a few weeks ago regular price was well over three hundred dollars for thirty three dollars. This then turned into fish time, did I really want a fountain? Not at this time, Did I want fish? not at this time. My plan later on in the future is to dig a pound and creator a waterfall but this is a long time into the future. 

So then came time to think about fish, figuring the pond area is big enough for fish but I really wasn't ready for fish. When we went to the thrift store, our friend that works in there has a few tanks of fish. This may have started my thoughts on fish, but I will NOT admit it :) She has some oscars, she had bought some feeder gold fish for them but they soon thrived and became dominant species. So she gave us a pair of them. That we named cheeto and cheese puff. Get why? Their orange people :)

Since I am at walmart sometimes twice a day as my buddy works there I decided to check out the fish. Soon this turned into me having dreams of gold fish, yes I agree totally odd but we won't go there. So these odd dreams had me thinking, what if any of these are reincarnations of people? Yes intelligence can be a curse. I than noticed that no one was feeding the fish so I bugged my buddy to feed them. Though now we all know how your friends will soon with come to the peer pressure :) Soon after he found a small container, I jumped in and found the huge for store only containers. Then I became the fish god...HAHA :) We have been feeding them since Thursday of last week. Now every time they see us they just go crazy. I am happy to be able to care for them until they can hopefully find better homes.

 I must add for anyone who has an odd feelings of strangers feeding the fish at walmart. Today out of pure randomness, we discovered that we are doing good thing. The manager of the pet department, had heart surgery. She was doing fine afterwards but the person we were talking too told us that it had went south and one of her heart valves was leaking. So some higher force I am figuring has contacted us and asked if I could care for the fish until she hopefully comes back. We were also told that she didn't have insurance, so all we can do is wish her the best and fast healing.

So now that I have became a fish god. I must adopt some of my children :) First one we adopted was a little oranda. Well I must state it is a she, as she is pregnant! Her problem was that she was born with a small tail fin, it is very small. So all the others were picking at her, they had nibbled at her fins. 

When I first saw her she intrigued me as to how she swam it was sort of flap roll and float. I didn't think she was going to make it the night but when we came back for the feeding she was still there. I felt so sorry for her, as soon as she made it to the top of the tank the jet would push her back down. 

Well she is here and now her name is Nemo(no comments :) ) here is the best photo I can get of her. She has been hiding in the way back of the pond part of the fountain in the dark behind the pump cover. I don't know what she is doing, making a nest? metamorphosing? I went in a few times and put my hand in the way back. She always just bobbles out for a bit, gives me an odd look and then disappears.

The next ones story is very similar Though he was being picked on really bad. I assume he had an issue with his tail and as they all got so hungry in the tank he became food. After a few days of watching I seen he didn't have any diseases. Today I just jumped in and brought him home. So his name is Yang.


A few bonus pictures

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