Saturday, January 24, 2015

Books Books and MORE BOOKSSSSS...

Well I sorta of made the big mistake of putting it out into the universe that I was wanting to start a garden library. I figure if we get the urban farm property I will have enough space to set up a nice library of everything horitculture from all years and well the other few books that also wondering in.

My thought would be this would be a great area for people who want to visit the property or live in helpers can come to research any questions they may have. Google and the internet are great resources and makes shopping so simple but we must face the fact we spend way to much time on these gadgets. Books are becoming long lost things found, as I find them in the bins of rejected items from goodwill. Though since I find them there it gives me a great chance to stock up on these books for the future library. I will not pay more then a 1$ a book as books are something that aren't wanted anymore and hints we find them in the recycling container. I will never get the pricing sceams at these places that are meant to recycle these products that get donated and not to make the toppest top dollar. Well I won't get into that :)

So if you ask you shall receive, lord I should stop that :) I have gathered 51 garden books and 13 misc books. I write down all the titles, so I will get them all added sooner or later as well as treasures in the books! I have a million things to get listed, all these handbags makes me feel like I am starting a boutique :) though I do love them, maybe its my feminine side :P I even found one made of eel!! Plus I got more today, ugh I am still sick and going back to bed soon...though I just go out to say hi and I hear the money noises on my phone and then its like go go go forth and rescue lol

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