Thursday, January 15, 2015

Adding Advertisements

Well I know I don't have the huge following crowd as I like but as the saying goes it takes time. So if any feedback about advertisements can come my way it would be appreciated!

Here is my view. I personally I hate ads and feel people are clogging up the world with advertisement to the point I want to commit myself. I see this thing called adsense on here, I want to give it a try. I would love to plaster my blog with Gieco and Progressive car insurance ads and then we can have a battle of the mascots. Of course I hope anyone reading sees that I am just messing with an already sensitive subject :)

My thoughts on putting ads on my blog, would hopefully be that I can chose whom I wish to advertise. I would love to advertise a lot of these small sites and companies that I really love. I really want to support local non corporate business and people like me whom are just expanding a hobby and any capitol simply goes back into that hobby.

I would love to place ads on here for my favorite online nursery's, vintage junk sites, home restoration etc. There is just so many great places that I would love to put an ad on here for, rather I was paid for it or not.

So lets see what this adsense thingie is, if I cannot customize it to show the ads I want...well that idea will be flushed...and one last point to preach I am not reading the over 42 million results on google to research this it folks :)

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