Monday, December 8, 2014

The Seeds of the Future...

I have all these great plans for a urban farm but like any great laid plan it must start from the ground up. These are my seeds of change, my seeds of the future. With a great goal of starting an indoor rainforest to show others how these climates are constructed, I am starting with all these guys. These are the small starts for the future of something much larger. These are all the pour little green guys that are rescued from clearance racks at big box stores, just dangling on for dear life. One day they will be planted, thrive and be there to show off all their amazing glory to future visitors.

 Hoya's, Pothos

 Tradescantia Zebrina everywhere

Philodendrons, arrow head, ferns

 Spider plants, ficus, avocado, peace lily
 Big Phil "Philodendron monstera"

  New additions from a trip to Phoenix.

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