Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes...oh how I love thee...

Well I woke up yesterday and felt a tad better after a week!! So off to Flagstaff for some fun!!

So first stop was at the junk yard, I just wanted to go in for one simple part that involved a Phillips screw driver. So I just grabbed my bucket, tossed in some random tools. I was still sick and just wanted to do a little junk yard browsing and hunting for change!! I love junk yards, can't wait to adopt some kids and we can all go to the junkyard, for fun....learning and treasure hunting!

Any ways I was getting upset with my partner as he seemed a little bit of a stick in the mud...when something interrupted me...A vintage Mercedes, what the? Why?

A closer look showed the poor gal, has been sitting somewhere since 1993...I didn't want to get to attached, because I do not need another ummm women in my life :) The silver girl(check Cars link above) is a handful enough!

So looking her over, I see floor boards are all gone, some other crispy parts. Almost all the chrome was pitted, dinged etc The interior held host to moister over the years so everything is pitted, rotted, beyond restoration.

Some searching I found some stuff that looked like it was sought after in the vintage benz world. Being a w123 guy a w111 is on a whole different planet. Though I knew right off my head a few things that were rarrreee from being on the forums. Note to others it is also known as a finnie, fintail or more proper Heckflosse. It was a 1961 Mercedes 220S Black with red interior...SEXYYY..

Awesome site for new comers...more links in my links page above

So time to pull parts!! I grabbed a rare center seat that is used, to make the two front buckets more of a bench feel to them...all three pieces were there!! Later looking at the car, I see it was more then likely a grey market import, someone spent some big coin on the car...it had a column shift too(will do more research on this) so to me it felt as though it was ordered to feel more like the big luxury American car at the time.

I had to grab the grill, it was near perfect. Knowing w123's I know the grills are hard to find intact. I also grabbed the cowl vent chrome, it looks near new! A polish will show the truth. I grabbed the clock also, pitted filthy and more then likely not working. I thought it would make a cool desk clock...I see they are sought after so I may see if someone else is more in need of it.

It also had all four dog dish caps and beauty rings! The wiper arms were also near new so grabbed those, grabbed the sliders for the climate control...shockingly not that pitted.

Then lastly I grabbed the Solex carburetors. I know they are sought after too and someone will really appreciate them. I nearly gave up on them. One of the nuts closest to the valve cover was rounded off...the worst place...plus the wind was picking up...errr...finally I just used the regular screw driver and the vise grips to tap it lose...IT WORKED!!! And boy do they smell like varnish. I will pick up some cleaner next store trip.

I also grabbed the original oel/oil cap and the radiator cap. It was just so sad, as I could see so many original parts on the car and that at one time it was well maintained but something happened and then it sat...If I could have gotten it for what they paid for scrap, I would have gotten her running...mechanics sorted out...everything fixed to stop the decomposing and just drive the ol girl as is..

I will be keeping the grill, as I just have to hang it on the wall as a memento of a fine fine car. The rest of the stuff, no matter how much I try won't fit on my w123's so all the rest will be going up for grabs. I will post when I get a few things cleaned up and ready for pictures!

Oh and one other funny from yesterday, It was extremely windy on the way to flagstaff yesterday. I was just looking on the shoulders of the freeway and I noticed in the opposite direction in the grass was a cargo box...so I flipped a u'ie and got me a sears cargo box! Needs some parts, but the main container isn't even scratched!

Then to top that off...at the junk yard, I am going down the aisles just doing a quick run through, I was exhausted...when I see a Thule cargo rack with the ski holders on an old old Subaru. I was like I wonder if my key will fit...nope! but I am not leaving this behind! Working on my Thule rack I learned some tricks. I got it off...it must have been on that car since the 80s! It will need some end caps, two thumb screws and maybe a lock set. I will be putting the ski holders up for grabs...as I am not what you would call ski worthy :)

Sadly all the thrift stores are closed on Monday...but I went by the Goodwill's...grabbed a cool old Kenmore chrome toaster, old 50's? glittered tree skirt, an 196X-1971 Air conditioner book and a Chinese silk table cloth. So now if I will only get better so I can do some cleaning of finds...

Pictures Pictures!!

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