Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Finds Listed

Gonder Vase
Gorham Sterling Silver Cups

Well with all this holiday decorating I have had little time to photograph and list anything on ebay. I just added a few small vintage items on now. I real
NGK SPark Plugs
ly wish I had better luck on finding more things of quality and value. I am working on a few large, more pricey pieces. I am still search but not having an income and hoping that disability goes right, I am pretty much forced to sit. I was going to yard sales every Saturday and was pretty punctual with that. But with the onset of the cold, I am having a lot of pain. So it makes it harder to get up earlier, today it feels as though I have whiplash from a car accident. Oh I am also waiting on this big storm system, I can't wait to see what sort of gorgeous weather we get! Well enough chattering, check my eBay sales page for a link to my sales.
Bernz o Matic Lamp


Oh and I cannot forget to add some photos of blooms in the home.  First photo is of my String of Hearts vine, that I just got about a week ago, it is blooming

Ceropegia woodii: String of Hearts


its head off, it must really be happy. Second is a living stone succulent(to comfy to get botanical name) This was bought at the same time, I played Mr pollinator and attempt to pollinate this guy would love to get seeds!

Fenestraria - known as baby toes

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