Saturday, December 27, 2014

Thoughts of the Day

Well it is odd, how things are tending to work themselves out. I am still trying to not let my hopes ride to high that I will be awarded disability and be able to purchase the church to make my vision a reality. Though things seem to be slowly failing into place. I have five people on board with me to move to the property and help with the restoration/vision. 

I have myself, my partner, a friend who is in Montana, another friend who is here and also a friend currently in the hospital. This is great as I am not positive; I alone could see this vision come reality. Now with these many people coming on board, I can cut my physical work down a ton. Its a project that will take years to see completion as sadly none of us have an endless amount of funds. Though as it stands, this project won't take long at all to start seeing results. 

With the people on board, all we must find funds for is the materials. I can scout many places for used items to recycle into fences, bedding walls, etc. What I can not track down used or items that I can recycle and I can scout discount areas to find new materials needed. For more man power, I can place ads looking for volunteers, contact the local 4-H, find troubled youth needing to work off community service hours and look to local garden clubs. These process may seem daunting to some, to me I see it all as challenges with very rewarding endings.

It will be quite the adventure that I would love someone write a book on or to keep weekly articles going in the paper. As this would all be based on volunteers, and finding the thriftiest places for materials. Just us moving there, never seeing the property, knowing nothing about the working condition of the utilities, moving in with no electricity, knowing nothing of what is in the house, etc would make amazing subjects of articles.

It is pretty funny when you think about it, here I am a physical and emotional wreck, no source of income at all but the little I pull in on ebay. Wanting to purchase a property that most likely needs 50-75k worth of repairs, hoping that he gets a disability settlement to buy a run down church and living on possible under 1k a month.

But you know, everything has a way of working out. The universe has an odd way of making things that are meant to be work out. There are many great people through out history that are great examples of this, these people never started any of things to become famous or rich. It was simply them following what they love, and the universe taking it from there.

I believe with my amazing talent, mechanically minded and thirst for knowledge will make this project happen. I have amazing talent at landscaping and anything horticulture. Below is a before and after of previous projects I have worked on. I also have an amazing ken for history this also helps with my ability to find collectibles/antiques. I have been told that this ability comes from having lived in those times. I have always thought I am an old soul, and have thought that maybe this is where that abilty steams from.

I have many examples of the universes ability to make things happen. Just another one happen the other day on my trip to Flagstaff. I was thinking I would love to get another roof rack for the other car, so when we moved we will have more storage space. Well that came true on the way out of town, on the side of the freeway, I found a sears cargo box. It was really windy that day so it must have flew off someones car. There is damage but none to the shell of the box, easy to find replacement parts for I am sure. Then at the junkyard, I found another roof rack. I thought it was to small to fit my car but figure I just had to get it. Well I get home, lay it on the other car and its a perfect 

These are the thoughts, that have been drifting into my mind. I just wanted to share with anyone who reads. I will continue thinking about this wonderful dream, and wondering about what the universe has in store for me....




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