Saturday, December 20, 2014

Details Details....

Oh man, sick as a dog dizzy as a mar-a-go-round but these spirits, voices, ideas, entities what ever you want to call it keep telling me these ideas to incorporate into my project. I feel I must get them all down and out of my minds eye to have a chance to calm down....I am at that point, I am going to make my tin foil hat to keep the voices out :) So here is another update picture, adding color and more detail!!

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  1. I reviewed your design sketch, and really like it! However, there are some things I question.
    Agree with service yard, with green house and composting, on the southeast corner, however, would move the livestock closer and away from the church, per smells and especially historically accurate (which the first is a reason it was done per the latter).
    Agree with the garden between the residence and the church.
    Agree with privacy from the north and east, since the south has a garage; some plantings to enhance the view might/should be considered. Further, glad you no longer considering a 12' fence, but 10', but still questionable to me.
    Agree with historically accurate fence running along the front. What height?
    Agree with the strip parking along Alice St. allowing for off street visitor's parking. Would align the north to the church as you have done, but how about extend the grove to Alice St. to create a datum and continuity with the fence/hedge? Further, align the south end with the residence, might even have plantings to anchor that corner and frame the property from the street. I would suggest a permeable surface for environmental reasons. Maybe reclaimed brick per your ideals?