Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Amazing Unusal Finds Today

Well, I was in shock today when I went into my local thrift store. Well I should say I wasn't, I sort of had a dream not far back that I was going to find a mantle, and how I always wanted one. Well look what shows up! It is really odd, as the oldest homes here date to around the late 50's. So this was an unusual sight for around here. Lord I wanted it!! I am in love. They have a really fair price on it 150$, very good price as this thing is solid oak. I have to do some research on it and see what I can pull up. What she told me is that a women got really sick and went to Texas, later he husband left the house and it sat. The neighbor, decided to buy that home as his wife has cancer, and the two story home they are in is to hard on her. The first man, told him to do what ever he wants with the contents. Boy do I wish someone would tell me that! So he donated these items to the cancer store. I really wish I had the money to grab this! Though as I told her, I have no idea what I would do with it. I said if I found it for 40$, I would take it to bits and store it :) She laughed and said she couldn't go down, I told ohhh no I don't want you to but at that amount of money I can tell my self I don't need it.

Then this interesting conquistador statue was also there, I wanted to go look at it and she side go ahead. From a distance I couldn't tell if it was plastic or plaster. Up close I could see it was plaster. Another lady was looking at it too, and googled it. She came back and said they found it on the internet and it was made of terra cotta and was sold at auction for 497$. So I need to look at this and see what I can find. Odd I thought I took a photo of the complete statue.

She also wanted to know if I could list some aircraft photos for her that ware from the Government. So I said I could, so will work on getting those listed and research.

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