Sunday, December 28, 2014

New items added!!

I have finally been able to get some more items cleaned up and photographed. It is amazing how much time this takes. You can find the link to my ebay sales above.

Today I stopped by a local thrift, that I have just gotten tired of dealing with but we won't go there. Every now and then I get a tingly sensation to go inside that there is something there. Well today I walked out with a bunch of women's accessories. I cannot tell you why I end up buying women's accessories, I suppose at one or two of my past lives may have been the opposite sex. Well the purchase came with drama and the one way mindedness of why is a man buying women's accessories...I just let them continue to wonder :)

I ended up getting some nice vintage women's snake skin or alligator shoes by Polly Bergan. Some Miche purse and a couple others I found interesting. My philosophy is that I pay so little, that if they don't find a new home, they will be donated to the cancer thrift store who will benefit from the donation. Also a few of the women there absolutely love the purse I get. Its very rewarding and fun to go in and hear them talk about how they found this awesome bags..

Then these lovely pear shaped tourmaline earrings came back to me. I sold them as Sphene 18kt gold earrings. But I didn't have them looked at by a jeweler. I assumed all the photos I added would have been enough for any buyer to see if what I said was correct. Well everything was wrong to one buyer, turned out not to be gold but sterling silver, stones turned out to be something else and they are broke. So to get this taste out of my mouth, I am just hoping to try to get back some of the costs that I have endeared.

I had listed a few things a few days ago, the center seat for the w111 fintail I got earlier a few days ago, yesterday I managed to also get the solex 34 carbs cleaned and looked over. So those are listed. I also listed a pair of gorgeous red snake skin shoes by J Rene. I was shocked how fast they sold. There was also some vintage jewelery pieces like a Best Brooch that I put up. Nothing amazing but just neat vintage pieces to add a pit of color and rhinestone glitter to your jacket. Even added a jacket by Evan Picone.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Thoughts of the Day

Well it is odd, how things are tending to work themselves out. I am still trying to not let my hopes ride to high that I will be awarded disability and be able to purchase the church to make my vision a reality. Though things seem to be slowly failing into place. I have five people on board with me to move to the property and help with the restoration/vision. 

I have myself, my partner, a friend who is in Montana, another friend who is here and also a friend currently in the hospital. This is great as I am not positive; I alone could see this vision come reality. Now with these many people coming on board, I can cut my physical work down a ton. Its a project that will take years to see completion as sadly none of us have an endless amount of funds. Though as it stands, this project won't take long at all to start seeing results. 

With the people on board, all we must find funds for is the materials. I can scout many places for used items to recycle into fences, bedding walls, etc. What I can not track down used or items that I can recycle and I can scout discount areas to find new materials needed. For more man power, I can place ads looking for volunteers, contact the local 4-H, find troubled youth needing to work off community service hours and look to local garden clubs. These process may seem daunting to some, to me I see it all as challenges with very rewarding endings.

It will be quite the adventure that I would love someone write a book on or to keep weekly articles going in the paper. As this would all be based on volunteers, and finding the thriftiest places for materials. Just us moving there, never seeing the property, knowing nothing about the working condition of the utilities, moving in with no electricity, knowing nothing of what is in the house, etc would make amazing subjects of articles.

It is pretty funny when you think about it, here I am a physical and emotional wreck, no source of income at all but the little I pull in on ebay. Wanting to purchase a property that most likely needs 50-75k worth of repairs, hoping that he gets a disability settlement to buy a run down church and living on possible under 1k a month.

But you know, everything has a way of working out. The universe has an odd way of making things that are meant to be work out. There are many great people through out history that are great examples of this, these people never started any of things to become famous or rich. It was simply them following what they love, and the universe taking it from there.

I believe with my amazing talent, mechanically minded and thirst for knowledge will make this project happen. I have amazing talent at landscaping and anything horticulture. Below is a before and after of previous projects I have worked on. I also have an amazing ken for history this also helps with my ability to find collectibles/antiques. I have been told that this ability comes from having lived in those times. I have always thought I am an old soul, and have thought that maybe this is where that abilty steams from.

I have many examples of the universes ability to make things happen. Just another one happen the other day on my trip to Flagstaff. I was thinking I would love to get another roof rack for the other car, so when we moved we will have more storage space. Well that came true on the way out of town, on the side of the freeway, I found a sears cargo box. It was really windy that day so it must have flew off someones car. There is damage but none to the shell of the box, easy to find replacement parts for I am sure. Then at the junkyard, I found another roof rack. I thought it was to small to fit my car but figure I just had to get it. Well I get home, lay it on the other car and its a perfect 

These are the thoughts, that have been drifting into my mind. I just wanted to share with anyone who reads. I will continue thinking about this wonderful dream, and wondering about what the universe has in store for me....




Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes...oh how I love thee...

Well I woke up yesterday and felt a tad better after a week!! So off to Flagstaff for some fun!!

So first stop was at the junk yard, I just wanted to go in for one simple part that involved a Phillips screw driver. So I just grabbed my bucket, tossed in some random tools. I was still sick and just wanted to do a little junk yard browsing and hunting for change!! I love junk yards, can't wait to adopt some kids and we can all go to the junkyard, for fun....learning and treasure hunting!

Any ways I was getting upset with my partner as he seemed a little bit of a stick in the mud...when something interrupted me...A vintage Mercedes, what the? Why?

A closer look showed the poor gal, has been sitting somewhere since 1993...I didn't want to get to attached, because I do not need another ummm women in my life :) The silver girl(check Cars link above) is a handful enough!

So looking her over, I see floor boards are all gone, some other crispy parts. Almost all the chrome was pitted, dinged etc The interior held host to moister over the years so everything is pitted, rotted, beyond restoration.

Some searching I found some stuff that looked like it was sought after in the vintage benz world. Being a w123 guy a w111 is on a whole different planet. Though I knew right off my head a few things that were rarrreee from being on the forums. Note to others it is also known as a finnie, fintail or more proper Heckflosse. It was a 1961 Mercedes 220S Black with red interior...SEXYYY..

Awesome site for new comers...more links in my links page above

So time to pull parts!! I grabbed a rare center seat that is used, to make the two front buckets more of a bench feel to them...all three pieces were there!! Later looking at the car, I see it was more then likely a grey market import, someone spent some big coin on the had a column shift too(will do more research on this) so to me it felt as though it was ordered to feel more like the big luxury American car at the time.

I had to grab the grill, it was near perfect. Knowing w123's I know the grills are hard to find intact. I also grabbed the cowl vent chrome, it looks near new! A polish will show the truth. I grabbed the clock also, pitted filthy and more then likely not working. I thought it would make a cool desk clock...I see they are sought after so I may see if someone else is more in need of it.

It also had all four dog dish caps and beauty rings! The wiper arms were also near new so grabbed those, grabbed the sliders for the climate control...shockingly not that pitted.

Then lastly I grabbed the Solex carburetors. I know they are sought after too and someone will really appreciate them. I nearly gave up on them. One of the nuts closest to the valve cover was rounded off...the worst the wind was picking up...errr...finally I just used the regular screw driver and the vise grips to tap it lose...IT WORKED!!! And boy do they smell like varnish. I will pick up some cleaner next store trip.

I also grabbed the original oel/oil cap and the radiator cap. It was just so sad, as I could see so many original parts on the car and that at one time it was well maintained but something happened and then it sat...If I could have gotten it for what they paid for scrap, I would have gotten her running...mechanics sorted out...everything fixed to stop the decomposing and just drive the ol girl as is..

I will be keeping the grill, as I just have to hang it on the wall as a memento of a fine fine car. The rest of the stuff, no matter how much I try won't fit on my w123's so all the rest will be going up for grabs. I will post when I get a few things cleaned up and ready for pictures!

Oh and one other funny from yesterday, It was extremely windy on the way to flagstaff yesterday. I was just looking on the shoulders of the freeway and I noticed in the opposite direction in the grass was a cargo I flipped a u'ie and got me a sears cargo box! Needs some parts, but the main container isn't even scratched!

Then to top that the junk yard, I am going down the aisles just doing a quick run through, I was exhausted...when I see a Thule cargo rack with the ski holders on an old old Subaru. I was like I wonder if my key will fit...nope! but I am not leaving this behind! Working on my Thule rack I learned some tricks. I got it must have been on that car since the 80s! It will need some end caps, two thumb screws and maybe a lock set. I will be putting the ski holders up for I am not what you would call ski worthy :)

Sadly all the thrift stores are closed on Monday...but I went by the Goodwill's...grabbed a cool old Kenmore chrome toaster, old 50's? glittered tree skirt, an 196X-1971 Air conditioner book and a Chinese silk table cloth. So now if I will only get better so I can do some cleaning of finds...

Pictures Pictures!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Details Details....

Oh man, sick as a dog dizzy as a mar-a-go-round but these spirits, voices, ideas, entities what ever you want to call it keep telling me these ideas to incorporate into my project. I feel I must get them all down and out of my minds eye to have a chance to calm down....I am at that point, I am going to make my tin foil hat to keep the voices out :) So here is another update picture, adding color and more detail!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Researching Church Interiors...

Well I have been stuck on the couch with a head cold since the first of the week. With the Enbrel I take for the arthritis it makes even a standard head cold turn into a 3 week event. We are planning a trip to Flagstaff for Monday, and I can't wait because I may find a ton more treasures to share!! I am hoping, crossing everything and praying to all the gods/goddess that by Monday I fell better. So in the mean time it has given me time to just google around for things related to the era of St Luke(see teaching garden).

I personally thought that since churches are public spaces there would be a ton of photos/sketches of interiors but very little out there. Of course there are tons of photos of all the huge brick and stain glass churches that spring up maybe a decade after this church was built.

I really wish that I owned the property as I would call the local paper and ask to have an ad posted. I would hope that an ad in the paper would bring in some very useful history/artifacts of the church.

Here are some really great photos of early churches that I dug from the depths of google images.

More info here
This is a great photo of the first African American Kindergarten class west of the Mississippi. Its amazing that these photos still exists.

More info here
Here is a Methodist church from 1870, when I first saw the thumbnail I was oh wow is that St Luke.I wish a few interior shots could be found.

A couple of great church interiors.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Sneak Peak..

Here is a sneak peak at the post I am working on, as well as more information about my teaching garden/urban farm. Something has told me to create this design for the church in Salisbury. I tell myself even if I don't get the church, I will have this posted for others to see my future dream that will happen!!

This is just a rough draft in the works!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Exciting news!

Some more digging through university sanborn maps. I found out that this church appears to be one of the first African American(listed as negro) churches in the area. Please check out the teaching garden link above for more info!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Guess the ????

Here is something I posted on Collectors weekly.

Can anyone out there guess what this is?? I grabbed it from a goodwill outlet store. I thought maybe a family crest? 

The mystery is solved, thanks to the members on collectors weekly. I really need to spend an afternoon just reading all the information that site has. It is the OM symbol. Found this excellent photo explaining the symbol. I know now why it was drawn to me and I of it. This is really cool!! It will go in my room above my alter.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Finds Listed

Gonder Vase
Gorham Sterling Silver Cups

Well with all this holiday decorating I have had little time to photograph and list anything on ebay. I just added a few small vintage items on now. I real
NGK SPark Plugs
ly wish I had better luck on finding more things of quality and value. I am working on a few large, more pricey pieces. I am still search but not having an income and hoping that disability goes right, I am pretty much forced to sit. I was going to yard sales every Saturday and was pretty punctual with that. But with the onset of the cold, I am having a lot of pain. So it makes it harder to get up earlier, today it feels as though I have whiplash from a car accident. Oh I am also waiting on this big storm system, I can't wait to see what sort of gorgeous weather we get! Well enough chattering, check my eBay sales page for a link to my sales.
Bernz o Matic Lamp


Oh and I cannot forget to add some photos of blooms in the home.  First photo is of my String of Hearts vine, that I just got about a week ago, it is blooming

Ceropegia woodii: String of Hearts


its head off, it must really be happy. Second is a living stone succulent(to comfy to get botanical name) This was bought at the same time, I played Mr pollinator and attempt to pollinate this guy would love to get seeds!

Fenestraria - known as baby toes

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Amazing Unusal Finds Today

Well, I was in shock today when I went into my local thrift store. Well I should say I wasn't, I sort of had a dream not far back that I was going to find a mantle, and how I always wanted one. Well look what shows up! It is really odd, as the oldest homes here date to around the late 50's. So this was an unusual sight for around here. Lord I wanted it!! I am in love. They have a really fair price on it 150$, very good price as this thing is solid oak. I have to do some research on it and see what I can pull up. What she told me is that a women got really sick and went to Texas, later he husband left the house and it sat. The neighbor, decided to buy that home as his wife has cancer, and the two story home they are in is to hard on her. The first man, told him to do what ever he wants with the contents. Boy do I wish someone would tell me that! So he donated these items to the cancer store. I really wish I had the money to grab this! Though as I told her, I have no idea what I would do with it. I said if I found it for 40$, I would take it to bits and store it :) She laughed and said she couldn't go down, I told ohhh no I don't want you to but at that amount of money I can tell my self I don't need it.

Then this interesting conquistador statue was also there, I wanted to go look at it and she side go ahead. From a distance I couldn't tell if it was plastic or plaster. Up close I could see it was plaster. Another lady was looking at it too, and googled it. She came back and said they found it on the internet and it was made of terra cotta and was sold at auction for 497$. So I need to look at this and see what I can find. Odd I thought I took a photo of the complete statue.

She also wanted to know if I could list some aircraft photos for her that ware from the Government. So I said I could, so will work on getting those listed and research.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Seeds of the Future...

I have all these great plans for a urban farm but like any great laid plan it must start from the ground up. These are my seeds of change, my seeds of the future. With a great goal of starting an indoor rainforest to show others how these climates are constructed, I am starting with all these guys. These are the small starts for the future of something much larger. These are all the pour little green guys that are rescued from clearance racks at big box stores, just dangling on for dear life. One day they will be planted, thrive and be there to show off all their amazing glory to future visitors.

 Hoya's, Pothos

 Tradescantia Zebrina everywhere

Philodendrons, arrow head, ferns

 Spider plants, ficus, avocado, peace lily
 Big Phil "Philodendron monstera"

  New additions from a trip to Phoenix.